You are currently viewing Whitebone’s Journey: celebrating 4 years of excellence, achievements and impactful project

Whitebone’s Journey: celebrating 4 years of excellence, achievements and impactful project

Whitebone celebrates four prosperous years, standing alone in Armenia as the only agency specialising in Customer Experience and full-cycle Marketing. This blog shares our journey, spotlighting impactful projects and innovative achievements. 

Leading the Way 

Whitebone doesn’t just exist; it leads. We define excellence in experience management and marketing, setting and surpassing industry standards. 

Trusted Allies

In the business world, trust isn’t just spoken, it’s our currency. Our company’s name, logo, and service are protected by intellectual property laws. We’re not just consultants; we’re your trusted allies. 

Crafting Success 

Success isn’t left to chance; it’s a strategic triumph. Implementing a strategy is one of our company’s most important accomplishments. That unlocked doors in vital sectors like IT, HoReCa, and banking. This expansion has broadened our horizons and provided us with valuable experience. 

Our approach focuses on providing outstanding experiences to our clientele. This technique has helped us to distinguish ourselves from our competition. 

Core Values 

Whitebone base are its values — effectiveness, excellence, loyalty, directness, human-centrism, trust, and empathy. In every cooperation we carry these values, aiming to inject them into the business world. Every decision revolves around serving our clients best and perpetuating these principles. The company fosters a culture of value-sharing both within its team and with its customers.  

Real Achievements 

In four thriving years, Whitebone shines with a spectrum of successful projects. 

Whitebone collaborates with EBRD on initiatives focused on boosting business growth. We offer strategic marketing solutions to aid their expansion. 

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond projects. Memberships in the Mantashyants Entrepreneurs Union and ICC NCA (International Chamber of Commerce National Committee Armenia) reinforce it. Whitebone, as a CX and Marketing expert, sets up industry benchmarks and upholds global business ethics. 

Our journey reflects adaptability and an unwavering commitment. 

We are leaving a significant impact in diverse sectors, ranging from Customer Experience to Branding. 

What Lies Ahead 

Four years are a milestone, not the endpoint. As we celebrate, we’re eagerly expecting the future. We’re not just consultants; we’re architects shaping what comes next. 

Heartfelt thanks to our clients, partners, and friends. Your trust is not only appreciated, but it also fuels us. Here’s to you and the exciting chapters ahead in the Whitebone story.