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Experience Management։ necessary and sustainable stimulus for business growth

On 18 January 2022, our founder and CEO Shushanik Galtakhchyan had an introductory course for the members of Mantashov Entrepreneurs Union on Experience Management and the business needs it covers.

She presented global statistics on loyalty, churn and customer satisfaction – numbers that prove the urgent need for customer experience management.

“Customer experience can have a direct impact on staff engagement and commitment, increase brand value, lower operating costs, and sustain the organic and long-term growth of the organization,” she said.

During the discussion, she emphasized ․ “The world is changed. Today, the customer has a huge verity of choices at every step. The customer making rational purchases is a myth, they move with emotions. Even the giant companies fail or lose momentum in the long run if they do not take into account the new reality.”

She mentioned the stages of business evolution and how modern business bases its development on experience management. Experience management toolkit and methodologies are explored in the detailed form.


“According to the Harvard Business Review study, 80% of business managers are confident that they provide an excellent customer experience, while only 8% of customers agree with them,” she mentioned. This is called Experience Gap. Don’t let yourself to fall into this gap and lose focus of your customers.

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