Turn problems into opportunities that drive your growth


Empower your organisation with experience management tailored tools

Customer Experience

Turn your customers into fans

Hear every customer’s voice, fix every broken experience, and increase customer loyalty and spending. With us, you can gain a holistic understanding of your customers’ experiences and take the right actions that drive meaningful impact and organizational growth.

Product Experience

Turn your products into customers’ obsessions

Bring your customers into your product development process. Improve product experiences – all with a system of actions from market assessment and concept testing, to pricing and packaging.

Employee Experience

Turn your employees into ambassadors

Empower your organisation to take actions that put your people first by creating a culture of empowerment, purpose and passion. Gather continuous feedback from every employee experience to take the right actions to impact engagement, talent planning, productivity, and innovation.

Brand Experience

Turn your brand into an icon

Inspire loyalty, increase sales, and grow market share with actionable and predictive insights that go beyond traditional brand tracking. Move your business forward with a dynamic approach to brand experience management that enables smarter and faster decisions on the areas that matter most.

Feedback and data analysis

Turn your problems into opportunities 

Identify and go deep into the needs and frustrations of your customers, thus improving customer satisfaction amd reducing churn. Analyse and compare the feedback from your customers, employees and processes to make the best decisions for your business. 

Customer and marketing strategy

Turn your strategy into a powerful tool

Build your unique customer and marketing strategy with data-driven analytical approach to stand out of the market and maximize the satisfaction, lifetime, loyalty and financial value of your customers. 

Why Whitebone?


Whitebone supports the superior research methods and management tools thanks to deep knowledge and continues hands-on updates of the industry. With us you can build advanced-flow strategies, processes and experiences that will stand out in the market based on knoweldge we have and provide.


We have the most extensive expereince in the field with the progressive and result-driven expertise in the industries from IT to telecom, from banking to tourism, from retail to horeca, from production to sales. 


Companies trust us with their most precious asset: their data and their reputation. We treat you with respect that honors that trust. We are fair in our work and goals.


We are result-driven and focus on outcomes. We set and achieve the KPIs that ensure we deliver a positive ROI for every collaboration we have with you.

Industries of Experience Management

IT and

Product and
Service design

Banking and Telecom

Services and Support

Marketing and Advertising

Retail Shopping

Top Services

Understand usage, collect feedback, analyze and test your products, systems and concepts to build products that meet, and exceed, customer needs. Be ahead of the market by knowing your customers on each step of their journey.

Transform your business processes from daily routine into an effective, productive and proactive tool to optimize your resources, to make smart decisions and to maintain company’s sustainable growth.

Visualize, map and improve the journeys of your products, customers and employees to better understand their needs and deliver targeted marketing and outstanding experience across all your touchpoints.

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