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Whitebone Expands Its Horizons: Joining ICC for Bigger Opportunities

We are thrilled to announce that Whitbone has officially become a member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Moreover, Shushanik Ghaltakhchyan, CEO-founder of Whitebone, has joined ICC National Committee Armenia as the deputy chair of the Marketing and Advertising Commission. 

This ICC membership marks a significant milestone for Whitebone, opening doors to new business opportunities for both Whitebone itself and its valued clients and collaborations.

 International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and Whitebone memebership

ICC Armenia is the national representative of one of the largest international trade organizations, a unique platform to network with industry giants and build essential relationships. This strategic partnership with ICC, coupled with Shushanik Ghaltakhchyan’s deputy chair position, ranks Whitebone to contribute to shaping the consulting industry standards. 

The knowledge-sharing and professional development opportunities provided by ICC enhance consulting methodologies of Whitebone. With a focus on industry trends and innovation, Whitebone is now well-equipped to supply tailored solutions to its clients.