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Happy International Customer Day!

March 19 – International Customer Day

First time International Customer Day was celebrated on March 19, 2010 and later it was spread all over the world in a form of a challenge – which company will celebrate the day more creatively and will congratulate their customers in the most unique way. In Armenia the first time it was celebrated in 2014, then becoming more and more widespread throughout the years.

Today there are more than 213 million companies in the world. Despite the diverse spheres of the activities, they all have one very serious similarity and a goal one for all – to have satisfied and loyal Customers.

We – people in Whitebone, appreciate each piece of your feedback. As strongly we appreciate, we are doubly grateful to you for choosing us, for being with us, for believing in us, for supporting us and for your daily efforts to make us better.

The Mission of our company is to create effective, bold and empathic experiences for the sustainable growth of our customers.

We follow it through our Vision of inspiring you to achieve the new heights by effective processes, human-centric products and idea design through the excellent experience journey with us.

And we ensure that we are in one aircraft with our Customers with the Values we believe in – Trust, Directness, Excellence, Human-centrism, Effectiveness, Loyalty and Empathy and we believe in the path we’ve chosen.

Be empathic, be bold!
Happy International Customer Day!